Journal Post #4

January 18th, 2016

We just got back to the program after having lunch at the hospital. It was very, very difficult. I’d already had a pretty challenging breakfast, and then as SOON as I got here we had to have snack, even though I’d literally just finished my breakfast 30 minutes prior. I did eat it, though. But then LUNCH! I had a chicken and cheese quesadilla, which is obviously a MAJOR CHALLENGE food for me, and a soymilk, and a HUGE bag of pretzels. I was only anticipating the small bag of pretzels that we have at the program, so seeing the big one totally threw me off, and the E.D. voice got SO LOUD. It was telling me that the amount of food in front of me was waaaayy more than I needed to eat, also because I was made to have a gatorade right before we came over, too! I wasn’t able to complete the meal, but I did make myself finish the quesadilla over the pretzels, which I was proud of. And I drank all the soymilk. Tonight, Brad and dad are coming to the family dinner. I hope that goes well.



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