Journal Post #7

January 20th, 2016

Today’s been a good day. It’s 1 pm now as I write this, and we just got back from lunch and are about to start process group. It’s a Wednesday, which means that we bring in breakfast and have it here. Mama made her famous scones last night, and I ATE ONE today!!! I’m pretty sure it’s been about five years since that’s happened!! Even more, I ENJOYED it!!! That’s not to say that it wasn’t increeeeddbily difficult still. I purposely planned having it on a day when we all had breakfast together, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to put it down the garbage disposal or anything. Good call, given the urges I was having, that’s for sure. I’m very proud of myself. It was pretty frustrating, though-we finished breakfast at 8:55, and then were told to grab our snacks at 9:10…ummm, what? I thought they were playing a joke on me when they said that. Apparently not. Even so, I’ve managed to make myself eat 100% today, and was actually able to relatively enjoy lunch as well. I had one of the wraps from that vegan place in Bethany Village, “Sweet Lemon”. I think that would be a good place for me to do a restaurant challenge with a friend now, because I’m a little more comfortable with it. Oh, and last night I finished “Life Without Ed!”.


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