Journal Post #11

January 22nd, 2016

Another very difficult breakfast at the hospital. Not feelin’ so hot. I ordered the same egg dish that I had last week as a challenge for myself, because even though it was pretty overwhelming and huge (and contained many fear foods such as sausage, bacon, cheese, and tortilla chips), it was pretty yummy. But then after Diane increased my exchanges the other day, she added cottage cheese, and fruit, and a soymilk to this breakfast! Uh, what?!?! Not exactly where I would’ve added those exchanges in… I was proud of myself for trying to stay focused about what I needed to do, and making myself eat the entire egg dish. And then the soymilk, and then the fruit. But I didn’t get to the cottage cheese. That’s still a pretty major victory, though, if you ask me. I am currently incredibly uncomfortably full.



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