Journal Post #13

January 22nd, 2016

Just had Mom’s chicken tortilla soup and I want to purge. What the heck. I don’t even do that. Brad and I walked in from the movie at 7:45 (later than I like it to be, especially when I have to have a big evening snack), so I was already a little anxious about that, and I was mentally prepared to try and tackle Mom’s Texacan Tortilla Soup, which I’d gotten the exchanges of from Diane. Much to my surprise (and my eating disorder’s HORROR), it was NOT the soup I’d anticipated. After talking to mom, I understood that there had been a miscommunication that I do take responsibility for, in terms of not making it clear, which soup I wanted her to make. Regardless though, it was veeeerrryy difficult for me to eat. I dished up the two cups of soup that was on my meal plan, and Mom looked at me and said that she really didn’t think I was having enough. That was really hard for me, because I was already working really hard to have the meal plan exchanges even though it wasn’t the right soup. I worked really hard to listen to her though and be rational, so I added some tortilla chips to the soup, which was really difficult. The end.


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