Journal Post #15

I woke up this morning with the realization that I’m headed back to Corvallis for the first time since finals week. Actually, wait-I did go back right before Christmas to move all my stuff out of my apartment. And, while that was very difficult because of how emotional the process of moving out was, it didn’t involve seeing anyone I knew, or walking through campus…so I was spared of some emotional trauma. Two hours from now, though, I’ll be passing by Dixon, seeing TONS of familiar faces, hanging with The Squad for the first time since The Far West Classic, getting lunch with Maddie for the first time in a loooooong time, and standing in Gill Coliseum, cheering on the Beavs as we take on USC. To give you an idea of how anxious I am right now…I sweat through my shirt this morning while I was getting ready. My devotional was very on topic this morning, for me. It was about how I can’t be part of two worlds if I want to be serving Jesus. I have to pick one. For me, I was thinking about my eating disorder, and serving God. I’ve been trying to tell myself that by nourishing my body and following the doctors’ orders, I’m worshipping God…because I’m honoring the body that He’s blessed me with. When I choose to engage in E.D. behaviors, I’m dishonoring Him. So, the topic of not being able to be in BOTH worlds if I want to serve Jesus, was very appropriate 🙂 Ok, I’m going to color for a few minutes now and then head out. Go Beavs!


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