Journal #23

January 28th, 2016

I feel pretty awful at the moment. Annoyed, depressed grouchy, fed up, uncomfortable, self-conscious, frustrated, apathetic, and really like I want to go crawl in my bed and cry myself to sleep. My anxiety’s been coming in waves, but I feel like instead of addressing it, my coping skills have just been suppressing it…and now I’m experiencing the tidal wave. All I want in the whole world right now if to go for a long, hard run, and run until my legs collapse and I can’t run anymore. My lunch was the biggest I’ve had yet, and a major challenge, but I managed to finish it despite the fact I was holding back tears. I was absolutely stuffed about halfway through. Then, once we got back from the hospital, a few very triggering comments were made, which, of course, didn’t help matters at all. Ugh. I HATE THIS!!!

Jesus, Help me.



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