Journal #28

February 1st, 2016

Well, my vitals are the worst they’ve ever been (since this round of treatment)-I’m both bradycardic and orthostatic, and orthostatic by 47 points…anything over 40 means you have to have two gatorades and get your vitals rechecked after lunch. So, I’m not too happy -.- Also, my weight didn’t continue restoring after what I thought was a pretty successful weekend. My one positive of this morning so far has been getting to talk to Lea this morning! I can’t believe I got to hear her voice, all the way in South Africa! My body image and E.D. thoughts are a little more manageable this morning than they were over the weekend, but I was really hoping it was a result of my healthy mind kicking in and my distortion decreasing…not because my weight went down. Ugh. Okay, heading out for lunch now.



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