Journal #35

February 4th, 2016

We just had “Body Image” group and it was AWFUL. Ridiculously triggering. We watched a documentary called “Killing us Softly: 4″about the impossible ideals society places on women…I totally understand the benefit of watching that, and talking about it-at SOME point throughout recovery. But not yet. At this point, a good part of me still wants to look like half of the emaciated women they showed on the screen, so watching it was pretty tough and brought up a lot of uncomfortable emotions. I tried to just color throughout most of it and not look at the screen. And, as luck would have it, this was the final thing we did before dinner. Time to go eat! WOOHOO! 😛



2 thoughts on “Journal #35

  1. Isabel Robertson

    Hey there! I went through through treatment at Kartini Clinic last spring in Portland OR and we had to watch that same documentary! So triggering, im sorry you guys had to watch that 😦 Btw I love ur blog its so inspiring, keep fighting!

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