Journal #46

February 12th, 2016

I feel so awful. I’m going to pop. We just had our freaking breakfast 30 minutes ago, and now it’s time for snack? No. Absolutely not. I really just want to cry. I feel so disgusting. I don’t want to drink this smoothie or eat this string cheese. Breakfast was hard. I finally didn’t have the awfully terrifying egg dish, but instead, almond milk, oatmeal, raisins, chicken sausage and cottage cheese. Each food individually wasn’t challenging, but breakfast as a whole certainly was. I’m really thankful for my time with Maya and Bri last night. I was really not in the mood to go out after a hard day in treatment, but I’m SO thankful that I did. It was so motivating to hear about college life and everything I’m missing out on. I’m continually hearing about the impact my blog is having on others in recovery, even so many people I don’t know, which is so cool and encouraging to me. Dad, Courtney, Brad and I are going to see Brian Regan at The Keller tonight, and I’m really hoping that it will make me laugh and be a nice distraction from what this week has been!


One thought on “Journal #46

  1. In recovery it can feel like you are constantly eating but your body needs to re-learn that it’s not starving and it will get food regularly.

    Have a look at my blog, it’s all about recovery and how I got through it. I was thinking the same way as you to start with.

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