Journal #51

February 16th, 2016

This morning has been better than the past few already. Walking with the pups and mama last night was GREAT. I had some frustration this morning when I sat down to eat breakfast (at home) and turned the TV on, and CBS, KGW and KATU news were ALL talking about weight-loss. Are you serious? I understand that America as a whole has a big problem with obesity, but the constant inundation of weight-loss promotion and discussion is very conducive to E.D. thoughts, and not very pro-recovery for those who are struggling with the opposite issue.


2 thoughts on “Journal #51

  1. Hey! I’m catching up on your blog (has anyone told you today how awesome and amazing you are??) and this post totally grabbed me! I feel this way all the time.. especially around New Years. It used to lead me to say “I’m not built for this world.” So frustrating!

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