Journal #54

February 19th, 2016

I’m feeling very, very anxious post-breakfast. It was at the hospital, and I added brown sugar to my oatmeal even though it doesn’t count as an exchange, and wasn’t on my meal plan. Then, Pam brought me more melon to add to my already full cup of fruit, because I guess since it’s melon, and there’s air-space in between the chunks when it sits in a cup, you need a cup and a half to equal one cup of regular fruit. And, my oatmeal was steel cut oats (because that was all they had), which just seems so much more dense and filling than regular oatmeal, and it was a full cup of that as well. And then of course, I also had a vanilla almond milk, box of raisins, and a ton of cottage cheese to go along with it. I’m so full right now and feel absolutely disgusting.



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