Journal #76

March 23rd, 2016

The end of another week’s taper days. Tomorrow I will return to the program in the afternoon, and there I will be for six hours. After that, I’ll get to go visit one of my friends who discharged from the program a couple weeks ago to see her new puppy (Yes, discharge presents ROCK), and then head to the airport to pick up one of my best friends who’s coming home from college for Easter. The weekend will be spent with her, family, and celebrating the resurrection of our Savior…which of course, means food.

Holiday meals. Oh boy. It may as well be Thanksgiving for the amount of food that I will be surrounded with this upcoming Sunday. My Mom, Brad and I will be going to an Easter brunch at a winery called, “Eola Hills”, which is the same place we went for Easter last year. The food is served buffet-style, and it’s quite the lavish presentation. Last year, before it was known that I was back in the depths of the E.D., I was able to eat a relatively normal amount at the brunch. How, you may ask? Simple. I didn’t eat the two days before it, or the two days after. I also worked out for double the length of time that evening. Eating the brunch that Sunday wasn’t THAT hard. I knew I could afford it. It’s eating the meal this year, when I will still have to meet the rest of my exchanges that day, as well as eat the day prior and the day following, that will be a challenge.

On another note, my friend Ian came to Family & Friends Support Dinner on Monday night, which was really great. It was fun (and funny) to have someone there who hadn’t “experienced” treatment, or been clued in to the intricacies of eating disorders. When we were sitting, he was asking about the food (mine being already prepared and waiting for me, as opposed to his, which he had to go order), and I was saying how it was what I needed and was on my meal plan, and how I had to eat all of it. He then asked if, “at least the butter” was optional. Ha! I laughed out loud. If only he knew…if the butter was optional, NONE of us would eat it! It was rather refreshing to have someone who didn’t quite understand there with me, as we all played games, and tried to stay distracted from the meal.

Tuesday, Brad and my Dad and I went up to the mountain. It was awesome. It felt so good to ski, the wind against my face and the cold air in my lungs. I’m definitely not in the shape I was the last time I went skiing, though! I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. I brought a sack lunch, so the food wasn’t much of an issue at all, and I’m hoping we’ll get to go back up again this season.

I guess now I’ll try to enjoy the rest of the evening…what little of it there is left! Oh, also-my textbooks for spring term had arrived when I got back from the mountain yesterday. How happy that made me! Textbooks! Homework! School!

It’s the little things 🙂



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