Journal #90

May 29, 2016

Well, here I am – I made it through the weekend! Actually, that’s not even an accurate way to describe my weekend. It was awesome, and I would’ve been happy for it to continue on. I think for my first “On my own” overnight (for more than one night) trip it was the perfect length of time, though. I challenged myself and was able to do new things I haven’t done in recovery yet, but still had the comfort of knowing my life would return to it’s usual routine come Monday morning.

Seeing Carolyn was great. Every fear my mind had conjured up about us potentially not still having a friendship, or anything like that at all, was immediately dissipated as soon as I stepped into the Columbus airport and saw her waiting for me. We literally ran to each other… I think I dropped my stuff right in the middle of the hallway! Whoops J Her mom was there with her to pick me up and take me back to their house, and we pretty much chatted each other’s ears off until we eventually fell asleep. Oh, and I don’t want to forget to mention that I had pizza when I got to their house. It was midnight their time, and they had of course already eaten, but I hadn’t (my flight in Chicago ended up getting MAJORLY delayed, resulting in us sitting on the tarmac for almost FOUR hours!!), so I had leftovers of the pizza they’d had for dinner. It was very satisfying, albeit being challenging – especially given how late it was and how soon we’d be falling asleep.

Saturday (which was the only full day we had together), we packed everything in. No joke, the two of us were so exhausted we fell asleep in church this morning, and then again after that! Car drove us around to all of her little hot spots in her hometown: the gym (which was great to be able to do one day, especially considering how much I was sitting on a plane over the three-day period), a little boutique-y area called the Short North where we stopped in some shops and had some cute pictures taken, and then drove around Ohio State University for a bit so I could see what it looked like. It was weird seeing OSU signs everywhere but not referencing Oregon State! Later in the day, some of her friends and her boyfriend came over, and we had a fun evening enjoying each other’s company in the basement, playing Just Dance and watching the movie Sweet Home Alabama (which I hadn’t seen, but loved!). It was a great and very normal-feeling evening. I even went upstairs and got my snack while people were still over. It had gotten to 11 p.m. by that point, and I knew that if I didn’t have it then, I’d just end up skipping it. So without Carolyn having one, I just told her I was going to go grab it and came back down to eat it! It was totally fine. All of her friends know how we met, anyway 🙂

I got to go to her church this morning and then we went out to Panera afterwards, which was a success. Car had asked ahead of time if I wanted to go to the gym both days I was there, and I (under quite a bit of distress) told her that, no, I didn’t think that seemed very normal to spend that much of our time at the gym when we only had such a limited amount to spend together. So we nixed the gym on Sunday, but did decide to go for a nice walk in the afternoon instead. It was really nice, despite how muggy it was outside (I didn’t realize Ohio is so sticky! Guess that shows how much time I’ve spent in the Midwest!), and then we came back in and fell asleep on the couch before playing a little more Just Dance and heading out to the airport.

Overall, I’d call it an incredibly successful weekend, especially considering it was my first real trip in recovery where I was having to be pretty spontaneous and go along with what other people wanted to do, too. When I land at PDX, I’ll get to run off the plane and give Lea a HUGE HUG because she’s on her way back from South Africa right this minute!!!


Ahhhh!! I can’t wait!


And yes – Carolyn is going to come visit me, too! She got a $250 Southwest Airlines gift card for her birthday last week just for that very purpose 🙂



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