Six Months

184 days.

As of today, I’ve abstained from cardio for six months. It’s like my half-birthday of sorts.

I really can’t believe it’s been this long. I mean believe me-I can believe it’s been six months since I’ve been able to go for a run, to climb that stair-master, to feel my heart race and so out of breath that I just want to collapse (in the healthiest of ways, of course ;))…but I never thought I’d actually make it six months without doing it.

If anything, taking this break has only affirmed to me how thankful I am for having made the decision to hold off on cardio for one year. If you missed the post explaining why I made that decision, you can read it here. It was never easy…it’s still not, driving by men and women, young and old, running past Nike, sweat dripping down their face, that runner’s high so clearly written all over their face…

Or walking past the cardio room in the gym, seeing guys and girls alike, running their butts off, trying to get that “summer body”-but I know it’s worth it. It’s already proven to be, and I’m only halfway there.

My relationship with exercise has become healthier than it’s ever been since I stopped swimming (at the age of 13). If I’ve come this far in six months, I’m only hopeful of where I can be after 184 more days.

December 28th, I’m ready for ya 🙂



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