Reflections on Colombia 2016

This is a post from my friend Opher, who spent the past two weeks in Colombia. We met on his second (my first) trip there last summer, with Young Life Expeditions. The trip was one of the most incredible and God-filled experiences I’ve ever had. The plan, as of last fall, was to return to Colombia this year an intern with the Young Life organization there. Once I went back into treatment, it became clear that this year was not the time, but I cannot wait until I’m able to experience the love and community Jesus has and is cultivating in Bogota.

To Be an Opher

Bogota, Colombia.  My second home.  I say that with my full heart.

I just returned from my third trip to Bogota in the last four years with Young Life Expeditions.  Each time I have journeyed there, I have fallen a little more in love.  And this year was no different.

First of all, I want to encourage my friends and readers to seriously consider embarking on a Young Life Expedition.  Young Life is Young Life no matter what language or culture you are in.  That is because Jesus is Jesus no matter the langauge or culture.  The emphasis YL puts on relational ministry here in the States holds true internationally.  The YL leaders across the world are no different than those in the States.  Teenagers are teenagers.  Take the risk and the bold step to get out of your comfort zone and witness this beautiful truth with YLX, I would…

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