Journal #94

A brief update-


This is still hard! Big surprise, I’m sure. My mom keeps reminding me that this process is (always) harder before it’s easier, and I’m holding onto that hope today. Tuesday, I met with my dietician, after having increased my exchanges, and was sure my weight had increased. Well, it hadn’t. It had actually hit the magic number…and it wasn’t so magical. There were lots of tears on Tuesday (and Monday, and Wednesday, and yesterday, actually), but I promised I’d do anything I needed to in order to stay another week. My dietician agreed to two more days, and upped my exchanges again, while also putting me on exercise restriction. The last 48 have been grueling as a result. Yesterday, I went in for a weight check, and it was up. Only a little bit, but I was “in the clear” to keep working and moving forward. So, that’s where I am today. Still working, harder than ever it feels like — though I know it’s this hard every time I’ve gone through it — to get back to where I need to be. One step at a time. My dietician has been incredible supporting me through this, sending my mom and me emails each day encouraging me and making sure we all stay on the same page. It’s really, really helpful and I feel so blessed to have her on my team. I know my mom does, too.



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