New Recipes, New Me

I’ve done something that’s new to me over the last couple of weeks: I’ve cooked. Not only did I cook (which is a big deal for me — it can be scary to see all of the ingredients that are going into a meal), but I ate what I’d created. The recipes were all really simple and turned out really well, so I thought I’d share them here!

I’m going to stop myself from writing a full post right now because I’m pretty slow typing with just one hand, but trust me, enough has happened over the last week that I certainly could!


Okay…onto the recipes!

P.F. Chang’s style chicken lettuce wraps


Blueberry Muffins


Fettuccine Alfredo



I found all of the above recipes on Pinterest, but the photos are my own. The fettuccine alfredo was no question the biggest challenge for me E.D.-wise, but my mom had requested it, so I was determined to make it. Nine times out of ten, we eat food that I’m comfortable with (pasta NOT being one!). I sacrificed and ate this meal with her, and I know she really, really appreciated it.






  1. These were all really good. It was awesome and I was very appreciative of Bridgette sacrificing her own comfort to bless me with homemade foods. I do think she enjoyed it, too which can happen when we cook a good meal! The fettuccini was made with whole products that made it exceptionally satisfying to me. Thank you, sweetheart!


  2. Wow!!! Those all look so amazing. Fettuccine alfredo used to be one of my very favorite foods, and I had actually forgotten about it. I think now I might need to hunt down a recipe and try it myself. Thanks for the inspiration (in so many ways!) Xo


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