Oh, Happy Day!

Hi Everyone!

I just had to pop back on here to share an update of some VERY exciting news.

Drumroll, please…

I started my period today! For the men that are reading this (which I know some are!) I’m sorry if this seems like TMI, but I didn’t feel I could not blog about this. I haven’t had a period in 19 months, and a regular one in five years. A period is symbolic of so many things, the most important to me being that my body is finally returning to a state of equilibrium. I have had to work SO hard to get my period back this time around. Each time I’ve lost it, it’s been hard to get it to return, but this time was by far the most difficult. It makes sense, as my psychiatrist told me that each time you lose your menstrual cycle, the body requires a higher amount of body fat before it will begin it again. It has to do with the body not trusting that you’ll continue to provide it with the nutrients it needs, and that it will continue to have an adequate fat supply. I had to go above and beyond the initial weight range that was set for me, abstain from cardio exercise for over a year and a half, and be conservative with the strength training that I’m doing. I was constantly living in a state of taking care of my delicate body. I was always having to be careful. I was intentionally consuming more fats every day, and having my hormone levels tested via blood draws once a month. I no longer have to do these things, as this was the last thing my treatment team was waiting on before declaring me “healthy” and fully, finally, weight restored.

My body is no longer delicate, it is STRONG. I don’t have to worry anymore about my bone mass deteriorating prematurely every day, or about being unable to have kids. The damage that I’ve done to my body in those regards are still valid concerns, but they are no longer getting progressively worse. It’s only uphill from here.

Marionberry Rosemary, Lemon Lavender, Cold Brew & Pumpkin Spice. Yum!

How did I celebrate this great news, you may be wondering? Well for one, I went out and bought a box of tampons! That’s a purchase I haven’t had to make in a while! And secondly, I enjoyed some donuts from a local donut shop in Corvallis that I’d been wanting to try with my boyfriend. He didn’t know they were celebratory donuts, but I did 🙂 Some things you just don’t share with boys!


Okay, now it’s back to writing my research paper. I really do prefer writing for my blog! Unfortunately, that’s not what I’m going to school for!

As always, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for walking this journey with me. Today my family is praising Jesus for the miraculous work that He has done and continues to do in our life.

Also, shoutout to my incredible treatment team! I (of course) contacted all three of them as soon as I could and my dietician actually got emotional! I 100% believe that I would not be where I am today without them, and I am SO thankful that they’ve stood by my side throughout this entire journey.

In Him,




  1. As you know honey, I too am so so happy. We are both in agreement about your treatment team. You have had more than one dietician and one therapist. You’ve had the same psychiatrist the entire time. These three together have been phenomenal in their effort and skill and helping you get where you are.

    One thing that is so so hard for the patient is to “trust the process.” How many times had you heard that? You didn’t trust the process, ever! But you obeyed and kept at it, slowly slowly slowly, but you did it. Your period has started, you haven’t had stomach pains for a couple of weeks now, and you are weight restored. You are living a typical college life, having fun with friends and dating. I’m half expecting your hand issue to be resolved on its own one morning when you wake up!

    It’s a time to celebrate. Thank you, honey for all you have done. This is fun.


  2. you are STRONGER than you could ever know, more COURAGEOUS than you would ever believe, and more full of light than you could ever fathom. i am so proud of you. ahhhhhhh. 💙💙


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