Somehow or another, you’ve found my blog.

I initially started this as a 20 year old, in intensive treatment for the third time from Anorexia. I had just re-entered treatment after being hospitalized, at the age of 15. I decided to keep this blog as a way to record my journey through treatment, which I very much wish I had done when I was 15! If you go back to further posts, you can learn more about my recovery journey and what it’s like to live with an eating disorder.

Now, however (praise Jesus), I’m in a completely different place! I’m turning 22 in September of this year (2018) and am recently engaged. After being on medication for depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder for six years, I went off of it this year, successfully. I’ve been at a healthy weight for the longest consecutive time in my life (since I was 14 years old), and have my period consistently. I don’t post nearly as much on here as I used to, but I do post on my “blog Instagram” more frequently. My recovery looks very different now than it did from the ages of 15-21, and instead is something that I honestly don’t think about very much anymore. I never thought I would be able to write those words! This blog is now mostly to share the way I’m walking through life balancing the things that are important to me: my faith, family, friends, and health & fitness (I graduated from Oregon State in June of this year with a degree in kinesiology), as well as to provide encouragement to anyone who is struggling.

I know that eating disorders can be really confusing to try and wrap your head around, so my hope is that this peek into my experience with treatment (previous posts) can give anyone who’s looking for it a little more insight. The way eating disorders are currently regarded in our society is very stigmatized, and as a result, those who are suffering are often quite misunderstood. I hope that this blog can help to expose the harsh reality of E.D.s to those who don’t have experience with them, and want to gain insight into what it’s like for those who struggle with one.

This is a PRO-RECOVERY blog ONLY, though there may be triggering content to those who are struggling. Numbers, however, will never be posted.


Thanks, and welcome to my blog!

🙂 Bridgette


  1. Thank you for helping others through your honesty about this difficult disease! My daughter has suffered like you since the age of 15 and it’s the hardest 6 years of our lives. Be strong!

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  2. So proud of you Bridgette for making public a very personal issue and struggle. It is hard to be open and vulnerable with an issue that is usually kept private. I know this will help many people have a better understanding for this disorder, and encourage those with the same struggles. Keep up the good work!! Love you girl!!

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  3. I’ve just been reading thru your latest entries, Bridgette, and they absolutely tug at my heartstrings. However I so admire your honesty, tenacity, love of Jesus and your determination to help others (while making those of us who haven’t experienced an eating disorder, better understand). You’re an amazing writer too! Thank you so much for sharing and know you’re always in our thoughts & prayers xoxo

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