First Post


Somehow or another, you’ve found my blog. I’m a 19 year old living in the Pacific Northwest, recovering from Anorexia. I entered treatment after being hospitalized four years ago, at the age of 15, and do believe that I recovered. I started to struggle again after I left for college, though, and after coming home for winter break my Sophomore year, was given the option to return to the hospital, or enter residential treatment. I chose the latter, and spent three weeks at a treatment center in Tallahassee, Florida. While incredibly thankful for the time I spent there (and especially one of the friends I made), I started feeling pretty motivated early on in the treatment process, and didn’t feel it was necessary for me to have that level of care anymore. Not to mention, I was incredibly homesick. With the consent of the treatment team there, and my psychiatrist back home, I discharged from residential early, and am now back in the same partial hospitalization program I was in when I was 15, except for this time, it’s the adult version.

I decided to keep this blog as a way to record my journey through treatment this time, as I very much wish I had done when I was 15. The first few posts will be entries from my journal that have already been written, so that there’s a record of my entire experience in treatment (post-residential), but the rest of them will be posted in real time.

I know that eating disorders can be really confusing to try and wrap your head around, so my hope is that this peek into my experience with treatment can give anyone who’s looking for it a little more insight. The way eating disorders are currently regarded in our society is very stigmatized, and as a result, those who are suffering are often quite misunderstood. I hope that this blog can help to expose the harsh reality of E.D.s to those who don’t have experience with them, and want to gain insight into what it’s like for those of us who struggle with one.

This is a PRO-RECOVERY blog ONLY, though there may be triggering content to those who are struggling. Numbers, however, will never be posted.


Thanks, and welcome to my blog!

🙂 Bridgette


**All names (minus my own) will be changed for privacy purposes**