An Update

Midterm season began last week and will continue for the next three, so naturally, I decided it was a good time for … More

Even If

The song Even If, by Mercy Me, is one I’ve been clinging to lately. Mainly, it’s the chorus that resonates with me. … More

Hello, It’s Me Again

Hello Blogiverse, I’m back (for a bit). At my therapy appointment yesterday, my therapist suggested I write an entry. I didn’t want … More

Marching Forth

It’s been a while since I last posted. It’s not that nothing has happened over the last four weeks, I … More

Thank You, Sam and Nathalie

I’m thinking I’ll stop describing my weeks as being “hard,” because that kind of seems to take away from the “hardness” … More

Journal #96

I’m sitting at the kitchen table writing this, at my house in Corvallis, while picking at the ounce of almonds … More

Journal #95

This weekend has really, really sucked. I don’t mean that in a complaining sort of way, it’s just the truth. … More